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Pahari Masala Chai

₹ 250.00
Brand:Pahari Haat
Categories:  TEA.

A Unique Blend of 20 Herbs & Spices. CTC Assam Black Tea, Green cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon,  Clove, Bay Leaf, Tulsi, Liquorice, Pipli, Cumin Seeds, Fenugreek, Ajwain, Nutmeg,  Turmeric, Mace, Star Anise, Fennel, Flex Seeds, Brahmi, Ashwagandha.

Pahari Masala Chai has a striking herbal harmony, Spicy fusion is full bodied cup. Premium Masala Chai from the upper part of Assam known for its copperish colour and good flavour . This particular variant has 20 herbs & spices and being one of the best suited to make special Masala (Spiced) Tea.