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Himalayan Nettle - Lemongrass

₹ 399.00
Brand:Pahari Haat
Categories:  TEA.

Himalayan Nettle Leaf Tea is a health boosting herb containing several biologically active compounds that have amazing health benefits, specially for detox & Kidney. Nettle Leaf Tea helps the body to flush away toxins. Promotes kidney health also good for arthritis/gout, allergies, enlargement of prostaglandins and iron deficiency. Lemongrass has it's own health benefits, and also adds to the taste. Grown in Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, are far better than herbs grown in plains region on account of pollution free environment. Also, Himalayan soil of Uttarakhand is rich in minerals. These herbs are produced organically without using any chemicals and pesticides. As these are pure and best herbs without any tea leaves, these are caffeine-free. This is called best Nettle tea in Uttarakhand.


Ingredients :  Dried Nettle Leaves & Lemongrass