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Himalayan Rhododendron - Tulsi/Basil

₹ 399.00
Brand:Pahari Haat
Categories:  TEA.

Grown at a high altitude in the Himalayan Valley of Uttarakhand, the Pahari Haat Himalayan Tulsi - Rhododendron Herbal Tea is loaded with nutrients and multiple health benefits. Stimulate your stresses and tired nervous system in a healthy way by drinking this unique blend of Himalayan Tulsi & Rhododendron petals. Rich in powerful antioxidants, the Himalayan Tulsi helps rejuvenate the mind and body, while the Himalayan Rhododendron enhances the body’s immunity against coughs and colds. Grown in Himalayan region of Uttarakhand, are far better than herbs grown in plains region on account of pollution free environment. Also, Himalayan soil of Uttarakhand is rich in minerals. These herbs are produced organically without using any chemicals and pesticides. As these are pure and best herbs without any tea leaves, these are caffeine-free. This is called best Premium Rhododendron (Buransh) tea in Uttarakhand.

Ingredients :  Dried Rhododendron Petals & Tulsi